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It is never too early to take action for agricultural biodiversity, but it could soon be too late. The SAVE Foundation in St. Gallen has been dedicated to the preservation of traditional agricultural plants and animals for over 25 years. It addresses important issues that are now prominent in the media: biodiversity, climate change, and industrial agriculture. Climate change is altering our environment, leading to a rapid decline in biodiversity. This is not only due to climate warming but also our way of life. Agricultural diversity is also affected by the mass extinction of species. Agriculture has become part of the problem rather than part of the solution. Animals are treated as commodities from birth, and high-yielding crop and fruit varieties are causing intolerances in an increasing number of people.

We have successfully completed numerous projects that have made a small contribution to the preservation of biodiversity. We advocate for agricultural biodiversity because only an adapted agriculture that avoids factory farming, poisoned soils, and depleted landscapes can be sustainable. Diversity provides diverse solutions to the challenges we face. Would you like to take the opportunity to stand up for your values?

By making a donation or facilitating one for the promotion of agricultural biodiversity, you can make a positive impact and show your support.


Every contribution, big or small, is greatly appreciated. As a donor, you will receive regular project reports and the quarterly SAVE eNews, an electronic newsletter with updates on agrobiodiversity in Europe and the SAVE network. Project sponsorships and endowments are also welcome.

Club of Donors
We encourage you to join our Donor’s Club. The annual contribution for donors is 100 euros.

We appreciate your interest in supporting the expansion of our logistics through a partnership. The annual contribution for individuals is 500 euros, and for legal entities, it is 2,500 euros (tax-deductible). Your support will contribute significantly to our efforts, and we are grateful for your generosity.

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SAVE Foundation, 9000 St.Gallen
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