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eNews 04.2018

  • Italian Pigs: Stories of gone Breeds
  • BEVOG / NUVOG: Description and use of Fruit genetic Resources in Switzerland
  • A new Age begins for Gene Banks
  • The Levend Erfgoedhoflabel
  • International Pomologist Meeting 2018 in Mayrhofen, Tirol
  • Mutagenesis is genetic modification of organisms (GMO)
  • CAP 2020 Reform Plans harshly criticized
  • Consultation: UN Decade of Family Farming (2019-2028)
  • The Earth Map Project
  • And this too: Walnuts as bringers of Luck

eNews 03.2018

  • A Report of an Alpine Peasant Woman in the Trentino, Italy: between Tradition and Modernity
  • Economics of Conservation: 3. IMAGE Dialogue Forum
  • EU Preparatory Action on EU Plant and Animal Genetic Resources in Agriculture II: Final Conference
  • East Aegean Cattle Project
  • Sown Biodiverse Pastures Project
  • Gallina Castellana Negra offiziell anerkannt
  • Food Forever
  • Macedonian Ecological Society opens local office in Resen
  • Countries issue reports on the use of genetic resources in international commerce and research
  • Hazelnut Farmers Conference and Network
  • Tomato Wine: a slightly different Use of Tomatoes

eNews 02.2018

  • Ecosystems – Products – Conservation: SAVE-DAGENE annual Meeting 2018
  • Farmer’s Pride
  • Seed exchange becomes world heritage
  • EU budget: the CAP beyond 2020
  • Agrobiodiversity Hotspot Identification
  • Forbidden Market
  • Irish Seed Savers: Fruit DNA Identification Scheme 2018
  • Wilderness for whom
  • In Memoriam of Jean Boyazoglu (1937 – 2018)

eNews 01.2018

  • The Saltasassi Sheep
  • Biodiversity in Food
  • An amazing discovery: Small Horses on Lesbos
  • Conservation of Plum Varieties in Luxembourg
  • SAVE Annual Meeting in Hungary 25-27 June 2018
  • How to combat parasites in Goats
  • Genome editing: Legal expert criticises opinion of Attorney General of the EuCJ
  • Greening the CAP: not yet environmentally effective
  • Genetic Analysis of Busha Cattle
  • ERFP Working Group “In situ Conservation”
  • Last but not Least: Bill Gates Is Working with Geneticists to create the “Perfect” Cow

eNews 04.2017

  • Conservation through Use: Poultry Breeds
  • Modern Breeding I: Respect for the Cell
  • Modern Breeding II: The new Eldorado
  • Fundus Agri-Cultura Alpina
  • Health Management and Disease Protection for Endangered Breeds of Farm Animals
  • Culture plants magazine
  • Local farmers producing food for nurseries and primary schools in Ljubljana

eNews 03.2017

  • Agrobiodiversity in Portugal: SAVE annual Conference 2017
  • EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
  • Sheep farming and cultural heritage in Kosovo
  • Precision breeding needed to adapt corn
  • to climate change, ancient samples show
  • IMAGE Dialogue Forum: Sanitary Regulations
  • Crop Wild Relatives and Climate Change
  • Donkeys in the world: Comprehensive Information
  • Last but not least: Plagiarism in EU Glyphosate studies

eNews 02.2017

  • Open-Source Seeds and the Tomato cultivar Sunviva
  • Dutch Rare Cattle Breeds Threatened by Phosphate Laws
  • Ethics and Biodiversity
  • Carpathian Buffalo Nucleus herd in the Danube Delta, Ukraine
  • Ancient Spelt & Baking Quality
  • When the slaughterhouse comes to the farm
  • Advances in Farm Animal Resources
  • Remarkable Fact: Modern European Genes may favor Vegetarianism

eNews 01.2017

  • Domestic Rare Breeds and Animals – Assisted Activities
  • Club Varieties
  • Animal Genetic Resources in Portugal
  • Cork 2.0 Declaration
  • 25 Years Dagene
  • Public Stakeholder Consultation on the future of the CAP
  • Urban Agriculture
  • Jason Roberts in Greece: Art meets Agriculture
  • Saaser Mutten –sweet tailwind for the Breed
  • SAVE Annual Meeting 2017 in Portugal

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