Current Newsletter

The topics of the current edition

  • The non-profit organization ‘Steunpunt Levend Erfgoed’(SLE) is building a qualitative and sustainable network of Living Heritage Farms in Flanders
  • Proposals of the European Commission on the new Seed Regulation and on new genetic engineering techniques in plant breeding
    • Seed law reform and new genetic engineering: double attack on our seeds!
    • Proposal on the new genomic techniques
  • New patent law makes Austria a pioneer in Europe
  • Haplotype diversity of the Kecskemét sheep
  • DAGENE Annual Meeting
  • Livestock and Climate Change
  • Arca-Deli Award 2023
  • SAVE Foundation wild fruit brochure: recipes for the preparation of wild fruits
  • SAVE Foundation on Social Media
  • FUNDUS Agri-Cultura Alpina – revised website
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