2021 Synapsis Symposium: Cultivation & Culture
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The theme for the 2021 symposium is “Cultivation & Culture”. Since this year is our 10th anniversary, the 2021 theme will be a combination of topics addressing where plant breeding has been and where it may go in the future, while highlighting historically underrepresented plant breeders and geneticists, native and diverse plant species, and underutilized cultivation methods. To accomplish this, we will be splitting the day into 3 sub-themes around the Past, Present, and Future of Plant Breeding.

The Past: The Roots of Breeding
The Present: Culture of Plant Breeding
The Future: Where does our field go in the digital age?

Our goal is to spread the wealth of knowledge generated by these sources, so that plant breeders and geneticists can use this in ongoing and future efforts to combat the challenges we face in plant breeding. We are interested in hearing more about research on underutilized crop species and methods, as well as the stories of BIPOC plant breeders and geneticists. Discussion on any topic that fits these sub-themes is welcome.

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