Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe


SAVE Dagene Joint Conference on Plant and Animal Genetic Resources, 24-27 June 2018. Kozard, Hungary

SAVE Foundation and DAGENE have the pleasure to invite you to the SAVE-Dagene Meeting and Conference in Kozard, Hungary. Exciting presentations and discussions will take place in Kozard. Field trips will show the strong connection between Ecosystems and Argo-Biodiversity like a trip to the Vértesi Nature Park, where Pro Vertes another SAVE parnter will show thier efforts on Conservation of both nature and argobiodiversity. Download the information here:

International Heritage Breeds Week 2018

The International Heritage Breeds Week aims to raise global awareness about endangered heritage breeds of livestock and poultry. Many of our traditional livestock breeds have been replaced with more "improved" breeds in modern animal agriculture, at the expense of a massive loss in genetic diversity. Worldwide, about one domesticated livestock breed every month is lost to extinction.
Since 2016 The Livestock Conservancy partnered with a consortium of livestock conservation organizations from around the world to host International Heritage Breeds Week and Day. The fourth annual International Heritage Breeds Week will be held 20-26 May, 2018.
More information and download Material here.

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