Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe

Good Food Good Farming Campaign

In the run-up to the next CAP reform in 2020, there is a real chance to shake up European food and farming. A system is needed which supports small farmers and rural livelihoods, protects our soil, water, ecosystems and biodiversity, does not contribute to climate change or animal suffering and provides healthy food for all. An agroecological transition at the European level is urgently needed. It’s time to get organised – to raise the alarm for good food and good farming on October 27/28! more at

Innovations and Ethical Issues for the Cryoconservation of Animal Genetic Resources

Ethical questions in research must be answered when living material is exchanged or during experimental laboratory work. Gene bank conservation in particular, is subject to far more ethical aspects: What are the criteria for selecting animals or breeds? Which methods of obtaining breeding material are ethically acceptable? Who decides and who pays? Are in situ and ex situ conservation complementary methods or are there conflicting goals? Within the framework of the Horizon 2020 project IMAGE Innovative Management of Animal Genetic resources, the opinions of the stakeholders in the conservation scene should be obtained. Therefore, in addition to an overview of the status of the IMAGE project, these ethical aspects were discussed at the SAVE-DAGENE meeting that took place in Kozard, Hungary, on 24t-27t June 2018. Thereafter, participants were asked to complete a questionnaire asking for their opinion. The described ethical aspects of the ex situ conservation will be explained within the framework of the project at as many conferences and events as possible and opinions will be collected by questionnaire. The goal is to create the broadest possible opinion of stakeholders in conservation work, while at the same time awareness of ethics in conservation shall be promoted. The survey was completed by 30 participants. The evaluation of the surveys is running yet and the results will be published on

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