Safeguard for Agricultural Varieties in Europe

SAVE Activity Report 2017

The SAVE Activity report 2017 is available here

SAVE eNews 3/2017

We are happy to present the SAVE eNews 3/2017 . The topics of the actual edition are:
     Agrobiodiversity in Portugal:  SAVE annual Conference 2017
     EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
     Sheep farming and cultural heritage in Kosovo
     Precision breeding needed to adapt corn
     to climate change, ancient samples show
     IMAGE Dialogue Forum: Sanitary Regulations
     Crop Wild Relatives and Climate Change
     Donkeys in the world: Comprehensive Information
     Last but not least: Plagiarism in EU Glyphosate studies

The SAVE meeting in Ponte de Lima, Portuigal was a dynamic and very informative meeting. 

The Future of Food and Farming

ARC 2020, the platform of agricultural and rural actors working together for good food, good farming and better rural policies in the EU, published an exclusive leak of the full text of the Commission's CAP communication. Aim of this paper is a better understanding of the objectives of a new CAP in the view of  the European Commission. It gives a good overview and basis for the ongoing discussions. A roadmap at the end of the paper shows the planned further steps for a new CAP. Download here

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