Alpine Network for Agrobiodiversity

To promote sustainable agricultural development in the Alpine region and ensure economic security for peripheral areas, traditional agricultural methods need to be encouraged over industrial methods. This includes the preservation and promotion of traditional plants and animals in alpine agriculture. Supporting these traditional systems also contributes to the conservation of alpine wildlife, as they complement the ecosystem rather than adding additional burdens to it. Traditional farming systems help prevent soil erosion and the loss of soil fertility by applying methods that have been specifically adapted to the region over centuries. All these factors contribute to the production of traditional Alpine landscapes that are attractive to tourists.

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Fundus Agricultura Alpina

Knowledge about traditional land use systems, keeping of breeds and varieties is going to be lost faster than the breeds and varieties themselves. The online platform Fundus Agri-Cultura will keep the knowledge on the basis of public science. The platform is established initially for the German-speaking regions of the Alps. More Alpine languages will follow
Fundus Agri-Cultura Alpina
Feasibility Study Report 2011 (ger)

Alpine Network for Agrobiodiversity

Alpine Network for Agrobiodiversity
Aim of the Alpine-Network is the exchange of know-how of circles involved in the field of agrobiodiversity

Long-term Monitoring: The Alpine Delphi 2007

The monitoring studies mentioned below have shown that a permanent, simple monitoring infrastructure with an early warning system is necessary. The „Alpine Delphi“ provides the opportunity to conduct a continuous overview of the situation of genetic resources in the Alps with relatively little effort.

Monitoring in the Alpine region

In 1993, the first study on the occurrence, situation, and need for action regarding animal genetic resources in the Alpine region was conducted and published in the Alpine languages (ISBN 3-905209-03-9).

In 1999/2000, this work was supplemented and expanded: Agricultural Genetic Resources of the Alps, supported by the „Bristol Foundation,“ was published in 2000/2001 (ISBN 3-258-06669-8 Hauptverlag). The study presents the occurrence, situation, and need for action for animal and plant genetic resources in the Alps, organized by countries.

Older Projects in the Alpine region

You can find older projects in the Alps “ here in the archive, along with their corresponding publications.

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