Romanian water buffaloes
The apple variety "Altvater" is from Romania


Fruit varieties in Transylvania

The endangered fruits listed according to their characteristics, ripening time, and more.


Animal genetic Ressources

The old breeds, perfectly adapted to their respective environments, lost their breeding value, were abandoned, and disappeared. However, these breeds are of great value for extensive production.

The aim of the project was, therefore, to identify the traditional breeds and varieties of Romania (or their remnants), assess their condition and preservation possibilities, and initiate specific measures if necessary.

Cattle in the Carpathian Mountains
The apple variety "Fercovanya" was found in the village of Nancovo in the Khust district..


Collection of old local fruit varieties in Transcarpathia

According to the tasks outlined in the cooperation agreement, research expeditions were conducted from September to December 2008 to explore the fruit crops of old plantations in the Beregovo, Khust, and Tyachevo districts of the Transcarpathian region.

Older projects in the Carpathian Mountains

You can find older projects in the Carpathian Mountains in our archive, along with their corresponding documentation.

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