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Thrazien, Pomakendorf Mosaiko (1976)


Animal genetic Ressources

The objective of the project „Livestock Genetic Resources in Greece“ was to initiate a nationwide monitoring of traditional livestock breeds, assess the conservation needs of individual species and breeds, and implement conservation measures.

Greece and Albania


As part of the study „Animal Genetic Resources in Greece,“ funded by the MAVA Foundation and conducted by the Monitoring Institute, there were multiple indications of a „dwarf cattle“ in the village of Psarades, located in the Greek part of the Prespa region. Therefore, during the winter of 2005/06, efforts were made to investigate the seriousness of these reports and to document the population.

Prespa-Cattle und Greece and Albania
Prespa cattle
Intermediate report 2012

Prespa cattle grazing on the pasture.

Conservation of the Sykia steppe cattle

In the interim report of November 2010, it was reported that the last herd of Sykia cattle in Chalkidiki was examined by experts from the Agricultural University of Athens and the Genetic Improvement Center Thessaloniki. Out of 72 animals, 65 were recognized as purebred. Amaltheia, the SAVE-Partner organization in Greece, had reached an agreement with the owner to take over 10 of the animals suitable for breeding.

A group of Sykia cattle on the barren soil of Chalkidiki.
Axios Horses

Greece and Albania

Survey and ethology of feral Axios horses

The wild horses of the Axios River are an important part of the regional fauna, attracting additional attention from tourists. Due to the modernization of agriculture, the domestic horses in this area were left to roam freely as they were no longer necessary for regular field work.


Agricultural Genetic Resources


In Sicily, the endangerment of certain breeds is accentuated by the specific circumstances of local agriculture. Particularly affected are the Girgentana goats, which stand out from other goat breeds. SAVE, the European umbrella organization for in-situ conservation, aims to rescue this distinctive breed in collaboration with Italian authorities.

Girgentano Ziegen im Trentino
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